Yao Wang

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Emory University

Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Clemson University

Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Stanford University, 2017
       Minor in Computational and Mathematical Engineering
B.S. in Applied Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, 2011

Office: Emerson E524
Email: yao.wang AT emory.edu
Phone: 404.727.6592

Selected Awards & Prizes

  • 2023     Dean’s Professorship Award, College of Science, Clemson
  • 2023     AFOSR Young Investigator Award, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • 2022     DOE Early Career Award, Department of Energy
  • 2019     IUCr Young Scientist Award, Inelastic X-ray Scattering Conference
  • 2017 – 2020     MPHQ Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard University
  • 2012 – 2015     Stanford Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University
  • 2011     Guo Moruo Scholarship, University of Science and Technology of China


  • NSF (PI): EAGER-QAC-QSA: Quantum Algorithms for Correlated Electron-Phonon System (Jan 2021 – Feb 2024)
  • DOE (PI): Analog Quantum Simulation for Solid-State Spectroscopies (Aug 2022 – Jul 2027)
  • NSF (co-PI): EAGER:SUPER: Optically-Enhanced Superconductivity in Hydrogen-Based Materials (Aug 2021 – Jul 2024)
  • AFOSR (PI): Theoretical Study for Infinite-Layer Nickelate Superconductors (Mar 2023 – Feb 2026)
  • DOT (co-PI) National Center for Transportation Cybersecurity and Resiliency (Apr 2023 – Mar 2028)

Computational Allocations

  • NERSC DOE Mission Award (PI):  Nonlinear Pump-Probe Theory and Simulation (Sep 2020 – Jan 2023)
  • TACC Leadership Resource Allocation (PI):  Electron-Phonon Coupling in Correlated Quantum Materials (Apr 2021 – Mar 2023)
  • OLCF Quantinuum Quantum Allocation (PI): Quantum Computing for Fermion-Boson Systems (Oct 2022 – Mar 2023)

Shaozhi Li

Ph.D. University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Logan Xu

Ph.D. Georgetown University

Chendi Xie

Graduate Student
B.S. Jilin University

Zecheng Shen

Graduate Student
B.S. Sun Yat-sen University

Jordyn Hales

Graduate Student
B.S. Utah Valley University

Haoran Yan

Graduate Student
B.S. Zhejiang University

Rohit Sai Kiran Gadde

Research Specialist (joint with the Liu Group)
M.S. Clemson University

Tongtong Liu

Visiting Scholar
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sreelaya Devaguptam

Visiting Scholar
M.E. Northeastern University

Euna Jang

Undergraduate Student
Emory Class of 2025

Luting Wang

Undergraduate Student
Georgia Tech Class of 2025

Utkarsh Bajpai Postdoctoral Fellow 2021 (Currently: research staff @ IBM Research)
Vivek Dixit  Postdoctoral Fellow 2021-2022 (Currently: associate professor @ International School of Engineering, Bengaluru)
Wei-Chih Chen  Postdoctoral Fellow 2021-2022 (Currently: OPC engineer @ TSMC, Taiwan)
Lei Xu Postdoctoral Fellow 2023-2024 (Currently: staff scientist @ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Rajat Mettal Master Student 2022-2023 (Currently: software engineer @ Amazon)
Matthew Myers Undergraduate Student 2020-2022 (Currently: graduate student @ University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Shuhan Ding Undergraduate Student 2021-2022 (Currently: graduate student @ MIT)
Jiarui Liu Undergraduate Student 2022-2023 (Currently: graduate student @ UC Berkeley)
Raymond Purdy Undergraduate Student 2022 (Currently: undergraduate student @ Clesmon University)
Kathryn N. Evancho Undergraduate Student 2022-2023 (Currently: graduate student @ Clesmon University)
Yuanjie Sun Undergraduate Student 2022  (Currently: graduate student @ Penn State University)
Kai Zhou Undergraduate Student 2023  (Currently: graduate student @ University of Colorado Boulder)
Nathaniel Bruss High-School Student 2021-2022  (Currently: undergraduate student @ Princeton University)
Neil Graham High School Intern Student 2023  (Currently: SC GSSM)
Turvi Masineni High School Intern Student 2023  (Currently: SC GSSM)